Being a deacon is an honoured position in our church. But what makes an excellent deacon? And why would someone sign up for this role?

Excellent Deacons & Their Rewards

To deacon is to serve!

The deacon’s charge is simply this: serve well. Or, if you like, serve excellently. And there are three points I’d like us to observe from this charge: the meaning of serving well, the means by which you are to serve well, and the motivation for serving well.”

“We’re not called to serve according to worldly and evil principles. We’re not called to be pragmatic merely. We are to serve according to God’s word. The Church is the pillar and foundation of the truth. The truth must guide all we teach and all we do. And in the context of the deacon’s office, the truth must guide how deacons function. So I’m suggesting that when they function according to God’s word, they are serving well.”

Topics & Timestamps

1:20 – What Is The Deacon’s Charge?
2:30 – 1. The Meaning of ‘Serving Well’
12:33 – 2. The Means By Which To Serve Well
20:10 – 3. The Rewards For Serving Well
36:00 – Use, But Don’t Abuse, Your Deacons

Top Quotes: Deacons & Their Rewards

“When we function according to God’s word, we are serving well.”

“Our faith determines our capacity for service. The deeper our faith the more we serve.”

“Without faith, it is impossible to please God. But with faith God looks upon our work and he can see that we depend on him.”

“Be willing to be served. These men occupy office not for their own sake!”

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Text: 1 Timothy 3:13

Date preached: 27 June 2021

Location: Lusaka Baptist Church, Lusaka, Zambia