Ensure the root of Christianity is firmly embedded in you through true doctrine and that the fruit of Christianity is genuinely emanating out of your life through love.

True Christianity includes Truth and Love

Even if everybody goes in the way of error and heresy, I am going to stand by the Word.

“If you are in a church where God’s truth is faithfully expounded in its priorities, in its own emphasis, faithfully, regularly and you can’t miss the fact that the central truth is Jesus Christ and him crucified. When these truths are being told to you, your soul is being marinated with his truth, what’s going on is something like this: If this is how God has loved me, I must love others too. Your soul blossoms, blossoms. And you want to spend and be spent for God and for others.”

Topics & Timestamps

1:22 – Recap of 1 John
6:13 – Ensure true doctrine
9:50 – Beware of false doctrine
16:14 – Ensure true affection
18:49 – True love for believers as a sign of salvation
20:44 – God’s example of love
28:19 – Allowing God’s word to marinate your soul
36:04 – Truth producing love
38:03 – Living a life of love
42:23 – Ensure true doctrine and true affection

Top Quotes: Truth and Love

“The Spirit of God who is in us, he enables us, in the midst of the confusion, to discern the truth about Jesus and serious errors concerning Christ.”

“The truths that are in God’s Word are your anchor in the midst of all the false teaching that surrounds you.”

“We love because he first loved us. So, it’s not that I’m loving so that, on the judgement day, my good works can outweigh the bad works. No. It’s that his love has so overwhelmed me, that I want to love others too. We love because he first loved us.”

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Text: 1 John 4

Date preached: 6 January 2022

Location: Alive and Active National Students Conference. Living Word Uganda, Kampala, Uganda