Intentional prayer is an important discipline in the life of individual Christians. It is also crucial for the Church at large. Every true believer understands their need to pray; the central place that prayer ought to occupy in his or her life. The discipline of corporate prayer should also be regularly practiced by our congregations. Why? Because God should be pre-eminent in our lives. As prayers are a reflection of this reality, so prayers must underpin everything that is undertaken by ourselves and our churches.

Listen to Issac Makashinyi as he expounds the first instance in the Bible where we see people begin to call upon the name of the Lord in dependence and worship.

Preacher: Isaac Makashinyi

Title: Dependent, Intentional Prayers are Character Forming

Text: Genesis 4:25-26

Preached: 9 September 2018

Location: Lusaka Baptist Church, Lusaka, Zambia