Walking the Fine Line between Faith and Culture

It’s not easy to live for Christ in any context. Puno Selesho shares what influences her urban African culture – and what it takes to put Christ first.

There is an inevitable tension between our faith and our culture. Even when we are raised in Christian homes or sent to Christian schools we cannot forget that the secular context will permeate our lives. Yet we still have to live our out our faith within this unique environment.

South African poet, Puno Selesho, shares the influences which came together to form her ‘urban African’ culture and how they impact the way she lives out her faith every day.

Christ Trumps Culture

“I think culture is a beautiful thing so I’m going to speak about it generally. It’s a beautiful thing and we should all celebrate all our different cultures. And even though it is mixing and it’s becoming all of these new African-urban situations and all of that. But, still the highest value that I will always align to is having a Christ-like mindset. So, I think in every decision, in every behaviour, in every action in everything that you say, in every practice – whatever it is – it always has to align with Christ. If it doesn’t align with Christ then… you shouldn’t do it!” Puno Selesho

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