Blaque Nubon shares the challenges he faces daily as a black Christian in South Africa. He uses the framework of the Gospel – Creation, Fall, Redemption and Glory – to explore black culture and the idea of “Blackness”.

“As a black Christian you are either considered a sell-out, or far worse, you are considered an ignorant sell-out. In the 1600s there were two victims. Black People were victims. But there is a second victim that no-body speaks for – the Bible. It was abused to abuse black people. But abuse does not negate proper use.”

The four-point framework from the Gospel that Blaque uses to explore “blackness” is the same that Roydon Frost used to explore “whiteness” last week:

Creation: Culture is God’s idea. It is built into us who bear his image. We are culture makers by nature.

Fall: The image of Himself God made has been abused and every culture is corrupted by independence from God.

Redemption: In Jesus, who is the true image of God, every culture has been put to death, and every culture offered the gift of new life.

Glorification: We are being transformed into His image. Culture has a place in glory. People from all tribes and all tongues will be in Glory together.

“Over the years Christianity and the Bible have been white-washed. Completely white-washed. But the solution is not for us to black-wash this Bible. We need to judge it on its own terms.”

Preacher: Blaque Nubon

Title: The Gospel and Blackness

Text: Genesis 1: 26 – 31

Preached: June 2018

Location: Christ Church Midrand, South Africa