What’s Wrong With The Prosperity Gospel?

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The prosperity gospel is very attractive. It says God will end poverty here on earth. But it doesn’t address our real problem, or provide real relief.

What’s Wrong With The Prosperity Gospel? Timestamps:

0:10 – We Must Show Compassion
0:37 – We Must Actively Love All Men
1:07 – So, How’s The Prosperity Gospel Wrong?
1:51 – Issues The Eye Can’t See
2:48 – First, Look At Christ
3:46 – Look Beyond The Prosperity Gospel

Top Quotes

“It’s all important, even as the Church seeks to love in physical things, that we never lose sight of the spiritual need that our members and people around in our communities have.”

“It takes someone who has really seen things the way God sees them to see people who are dressed nicely as those who are actually famished and in desperate need of being fed with the truth of God.”

“The Christian message is the one that ultimately offers the poor, the oppressed, ultimate hope. Not in a better heaven down here, they point to something called glory. That’s pure perfection!”

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