Traditions are powerful. In many cases they drive people to attend church during this special week. However, Pastors should be wary of watering down the Gospel in the hope of attracting newcomers. It’s more important to show the truth behind traditions.

“We have an opportunity during Easter to put Christ as the focus – the Gospel as a message – and grace as a platform for many people who are seeking to know Christ.”

As Christians, Ndaba Mazabane and Shaun Storer urge us to reconnect with God at Easter.

“Deep reflection and a true understanding of what Jesus did on the cross. These are the most important things at this time of year.”

However, don’t feel you can’t have an egg hunt – traditions are not all bad as long as they don’t replace the work Christ did at the cross as the focus of our family gatherings.


Host: Blaque Nubon

Guests: Ndaba Mazabane, Shaun Storer

Title: Easter – the Truth Behind Traditions

Location: South Africa

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