As Christians in Africa we are no strangers to celebrity Christianity. Across the continent, in every town, city and village, there are self-proclaimed ‘Men of God’ and ‘Women of God’ who have built loyal – even fanatical – followings many thousands strong. We are also steeped in global celebrity culture through our TVs and smart phones. Celebrity culture is quite simply normal in Africa today. In light of this, Blaque and Lindi explore the connection between our local celebrity pastors and the recent dramatic declaration of faith in Jesus by American mega-star Kanye West.

Celebrity Christianity: Questions and Red Flags

Most young African Christians know of Kanye West’s music and lifestyle. The issue of Kanye’s conversion to Christianity has sparked both celebration and derision. There is a swell of debate, scepticism and calls for prayer from all quarters. The question is – can we apply this to our own examples of celebrity Christianity at home? Could a more critical approach help us avoid the many abuses committed by self-appointed pastors? There are clear warnings that the world can heed from the treatment of congregations by ‘Men of God’ in Africa.


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