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Am I Cursed?

Why am I sickly? Why am I not married, or with child? What’s stopping my business from thriving? Pastor tell me - am I cursed?

“Africa is a pretty big continent. We have about 1.2 billion image-bearers, with 3000 people groups. About 45% of us identify as Christians. Yes, even though the continent is plagued with many different challenges – including poverty – the Lord has taken pleasure in making us rich in faith. And for this we praise him.

Committed to the Gospel of Christ

There are multiple distortions to the Gospel. Chief of them is the prosperity gospel and this theology that we are calling the ‘Big Man’ theology. This is where Christ, who is the all-sufficient and only mediator between God and man, is replaced by the ‘Man of God’. His special or powerful anointing is supposed to give him access to the blessings of God. But God, who is not a respecter of persons, is at work on this continent. He is raising up faithful men and women whose confidence is in the authority and sufficiency of the Scriptures.

TGC Africa: Who We Are

TGC Africa is at work posting sermons, articles and podcasts by African speakers addressing African issues – using that time and culture defying truth of the Gospel. One of my favourite podcasts on the website is ‘Ask an African Pastor’. On this podcast, we address issues like polygamy and dowry payments – even talking about the complex history between missions and colonialism. These are the kind of topics that Collin Hansen does not have at the top of his list about articles or sermons or podcasts that are going to be posted on the TGC US website!

We address issues like polygamy and dowry payments – even the complex history between missions and colonialism.

Given half the African countries have English as one of the languages that they use, we have a real opportunity to impact believers across the continent. Indeed, with the statistics showing that between 8 to 9 out of every 10 pastors in Africa have no access to formal theological training, our work is cut out for us.

A Network of Like-Minded Partners

We are excited by the opportunities that are available now, because of relationships in East, Central, South and West Africa. These relationships allow us as TGC Africa to collaborate with like-minded partners. Enabling us to offer training and theological resources in places where there is no access to these very things.

We know that neat tricks and clever programs will not get this work done. We need God. Our hope as we are doing this work is that the God that we are waiting upon – we are looking to – has already purposed to bring to himself glory and praise from peoples in every nation, tongue and tribe. And we rejoice that Africa was numbered amongst those peoples.

Neat tricks and clever programs will not get this work done. We need God.

Would you join us in praying and working with TGC Africa to see the gentiles in Africa, like myself, bend the knee and praise the Lord because of the mercy that he has poured out to us, through his son Jesus Christ. Amen.”