Rock of Ages // A Spoken Word

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Isaiah 26:4
Trust in Adonai forever,
for the LORD Adonai is the Rock of Ages
the LORD Adonai is the Rock of Ages


See, I am geologist so this phrase Rock of Ages
sends shivers down the spines of my textbooks in reverent fear of a truth these pages were not
privileged enough to contain.

Like, although the geological timescale spans, from beginning to present, a period of 4.5 billion years
There exists a rock with no beginning and no end.
To him a day is as a thousand and a thousand a day so 4.5 billion could have easily been 4 days.
Radiometric dating cannot tell you that

Even to call Him a time traveller will not make sense because he exists in the past, the present and the future at the same time yet outside the confines of time.

A Confounded Geologist

See I am a confounded geologist, because this phrase Rock of Ages is as an earthquake immeasurable even off the Richter scale to my rock classification table because this rock cannot be classified.

One, He cannot be sedimentary, made up of layers of lithified material with discontinuities between layers. Because He is consistent, the same yesterday, today and forever.

Two, He can’t be igneous, though solid and strong, just like a granite, made up of 3 minerals,
quartz, feldspar and mica; just as He is 3 in one – God The father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. But in
Him, there exists no triple junction where one begins and the other ends because He is omnipresent
occupying all spaces at all times as 3 in one.

Bow Down

Three. Metamorphic rocks bow down and are engulfed as xenoliths in the magma of his presence. Because unlike them, no amount of heat or pressure can change Him
But He is the consuming fire that melts rocks like butter yet preserves 3 men in a furnace.

He is the fourth man. The glue between sand grains and crystals that form continents and cratons

But He is not confined down to earth for heaven is His throne and the earth is His footstool.
So even asteroids and meteors though high above earth are soon obliterated at the scent of his atmospheric presence.

This Rock So Strong

While scientists on the earth below wreck their brains writing thesis after thesis trying to theorise and hypothesise the mystery of this rock so strong
Mohs hardness scale is but a child’s play to measure Him
But He is the engineering geologist’s best friend because anything built upon this rock will stand for eternity

The hydrogeologist in me is inundated by this AQUIFER – body of Rock from which springs rivers of
living waters.Whom the bio and geophysicist cannot decipher the composition because it looks like water but has a
composition much like blood

While the geophysicist cannot measure the intensity of a magnetism that draws shepherds and
wisemen to a rock rocked to sleep in manger

King of Glory

No amount of time can weather or erode him
No man can ignore Him
You cannot bury Him for at His command the stone rolls away and makes way
For the king of glory
Even these rocks we call planets spin in orbit around the sun as a metaphor for of our gravity pull
and dependence upon the Son
The stone the builders rejected which has now become the chief corner stone.

Be Contained In Him

Whose Spirit is
More life giving than the air we breathe
uncontainable in lungs beneath rib cages which burst open to let Him in not simply
to contain Him but to be contained in Him
As children who can cry
When my heart is overwhelmed, Abba father, lead me to the rock that is higher than I

And I am just but a geologist
Who understands that I can study this one rock for three years and I will only understand to a certain degree
An additional year would be an honour and even then I will still not be a master, qualified

To carry these titles:
Child of God
and Daughter of the Rock of Ages


Rock of Ages

Copyright Nsuku Nxumalo 2019