Marriage And Finances

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Finances in marriage can often cause arguments. How do we remain honest and fair with our spouses as we handle the pressures of making and spending money?

Marriage And Finances

Money is a good servant but it’s a very bad master. So do not live for money.

We must be transparent with one another in marriage and especially with respect to finances. Let me ask, are you transparent with your spouse over issues of money? If you are not, deal with it now; whatever it is that’s making you ashamed of opening up to your spouse over money – make sure there is complete transparency.

Topics & Timestamps

00:00 – Marriage and finances
1:18 – It is not ‘my money’ or ‘your money’
1:43 – Be transparent with your finances
2:28 – Have a household budget
2:55 – Pay those you owe regularly
3:41 – Give each other allowances
4:08 – Share the responsibilities
4:42 – Only help others when able to
5:11 – Live a life you can afford
5:58 – Always put money aside
6:31 – Do not live for money

Top Quotes: Marriage And Finances

“Money is a good servant but it’s a very bad master. So do not live for money.”

“It’s a bad habit to know that you owe money to other people and then you leave it out of your budget and out of your planning all together”

“A lot of marriages are having difficulties primarily because the husband or the wife are playing hide and seek with respect to finances.”

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