Have we lost our Africanness? // Ask an African Pastor

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Ask an African Pastor // Have Christianity and Education caused us to lose our Africanness?

Wherever Christianity is followed, there is a tension between the ways of Christ and the ways of our own traditions. However, it seems that in Africa, Western culture has slipped in along with the Gospel, and has dominated any sense of Africanness.

Ken Mbugua tackles some important questions for Christians in Africa – and faces up to some basic truths.

“If we are trying to avoid appearing as sellouts – the reality is all the disciples appeared as sellouts – and everybody else who chose to walk in the ways of Christ.”

“However, I think in Kenya the way missions was done set us up wrongly. There was an idea that if you were baptised you would get a Christian name – I have no clue what that means. I am called Kenneth – that’s weird. There is a right accusation there when it comes to things like that. I didn’t need a Christian name.”

I am called Kenneth – that’s weird. There is a right accusation there when it comes to things like that. I didn’t need a Christian name

Stick your nose in the Bible

So what is the ultimate answer on how to follow Christ while retaining our Africanness? Pastor Ken says “stick your nose in the Bible”.

“If we use God’s word as the ultimate rule that helps us to determine that which is right and that which is wrong – it will be a sure guide for us to ensure that we don’t end up claiming our Africanness at the expense of the scriptures and we don’t end up excusing an assimilation of western culture as superior – whereas it actually isn’t.”