God’s Faithfulness in My Lack of Patience // Panganayi Sithole

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Who Created God?

“Who made God?” In the mind of any believer that question may spring forth when looking at the wonder of life. But can God be both eternal and created?

I remember vividly our first few weeks into marriage. Having grown up under a man who was very strict, and who wanted things to go according to the book, I was introduced to marriage.

Marriage taught me patience

Now at times things don’t go according to the book! I was like, “what’s happening here? Things seem not to be going in the right direction; in the way they should go!” So, one of the things that I felt much tested in was my patience. One of the things that I do struggle with is patience. I admit, at times I am impatient. But it is amazing to see how God has used my marriage as a context in which I had to grow in my patience.

I would be very harsh to her. And I would regret it afterwards.

My Children teach me patience

You can imagine. With two girls five and three years old, how your patience can always be constantly tested. I remember, in some situations, where my five year old daughter would do something wrong and I would – without asking her or trying to understand what really happened – I would be very harsh to her. And I would regret it afterwards. After realising what had happened. After she has explained her story to me. That has really taught me to say “look! In life you just need to be patient!” You need to grow in your patience towards people.

God is at work in my life as a married man and as a father.

It has been extraordinary to see how God is at work in my life as a married man and as a father. Being a Christian minister I have been a Pastor for the past 15 years. I do work with people on a day to day basis. You are bound to step on each other’s foot. But I have seen that, in numerous occasions, the life situation that I have in my family set-up has really helped me to grow in my patience. It is imparted in the way I interact with other people within the Christian family.

God is at work in my life

The scripture that comes to mind is Philippians Chapter 1 verse 6 which says “he who has begun a good thing in us will carry it out” or “will continue it up until completion.” So, I think that is one of the things that when I am down, when I feel like I’m a hopeless person… I mean, I just blow it at times! When I am in that kind of a moment what makes me pick up the pieces and move on is to realise that God is at work in my life. And He will make sure that He will transform me to the likeness of Jesus Christ.