EXPOSIT – Bible Study: Titus 2: 1-10 (Session 5)

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Only Jesus Christ can lead us to a life that is increasingly pure.

In this fifth session on the Pastoral Epistle to Titus we are going to see how different Titus, and the Elders he is about to appoint, must be to the false teachers that the Churches in Crete were dealing with. The true Gospel minister must teach what is in accord with sound doctrine and backup that teaching in and through the way that same teaching leads to a transformed and pure life.

EXPOSIT: Unpacking the Bible book by book is a resource to aid men and women in expository Bible teaching and preaching. Each book of the Bible was written in a particular context, to a particular audience, for a particular reason and in a particular way. As each passage is unpacked and understood in light of those particular things we can then arrive at a point of applying it to our own lives. The EXPOSIT resource seeks to work through books of the Bible, passage by passage, and give helpful insights and tools that will allow for rightly handling the Word of Truth so that the Bible can speak for itself.