How should Christians respond to the way Township stories and the local culture is portrayed in film and television? David Kobedi encourages us to go in with our ‘Gospel Goggles’ on.

A township story is the raw depiction of what goes down in the township – the good and the bad. There is something beautiful about hanging out in the streets of the township – much as the township itself is a construct of oppression – within that there is the beauty of a people who came together and are doing life.

Without being legalistic we need to consider the media we consume from a Gospel perspective. The “cool action scene with the gangsters” is actually a sad reality of our townships. It’s not something that builds our society. We need to be seeing the world in the way that God sees it. Seeing the beauty and the brokenness – seeing how God can bring about redemption to our Culture.”


Host: Blaque Nubon

Guest: David Kobedi

Title: Township Stories: Good, Bad or Ugly?

Location: South Africa

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