Death, suffering and uncertainty. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought these uncomfortable topics into sharp focus for us all. But when confronted by such harsh realities, there are some approaches we should not take; some things that as Christians we ought not to think – for they will hinder rather than help.

What Not to Think

In this ‘Worldview Wednesday’ Podcast by Veracity Fount in Uganda Derrick Ntambi, Denis Mugume and Eddie Ssemakula walk through 12 major areas where Christians are getting it wrong. From thinking of Church as just a building to expecting Christ to grant you health and wealth. From interpreting COVID-19 as God’s judgement to demanding if God even exists! It is not biblically justifiable to assume that Christians are immune to Coronavirus – but nor should we think ourselves abandoned or alone in the face of suffering. Do not think that Christ cannot understand.

The best thing you can do for anybody going through pain is to stand with them and identify… At the cross of Christ, God identifies with our suffering.

You Are Not Alone

“God didn’t just give us an intellectual answer to suffering. Or just send us some emotions to think through and meditate through. He didn’t just give us practical things to do to survive. He came as a person. And I think the best thing you can do for anybody going through pain or suffering, is to stand with them and identify.

At the cross of Christ, God identifies with our suffering. And takes on the full wrath of that pain. I feel like the Christian faith offers better resources or more resources for suffering than something else. To me, the God who has seen His son on the cross suffer is the God who can understand – and who can stand with us.”

Do not think you are alone.

An Opportunity to Pause and Correct

We all fall foul of one or other of these misconceptions. Perhaps the pandemic is an opportunity not to panic, but to pause and confront the way we think. After all, God is in control. He knows what He is doing. We don’t need to agree with Him – we just need to trust Him to know best.

There is a temptation to think that salvation rests in what you do, in how long you pray, in how long you confess, in how long you fast… But ultimately salvation belongs to the Lord