A successful young professional. Leah, like many in South Africa, pays Black Tax to support family back home. She does this gladly. The question is, why?

One of 8 siblings, when Leah’s parents passed away her grandparents stepped out of retirement and into the primary care role. It was a big sacrifice. Now Leah is a successful young professional and she has the opportunity to pay them back. This is not an unusual situation in South Africa. Black Tax or ” the perceived obligation of black professionals to provide financial support to their extended family” (as per the definition on Business Maverick) is a widespread issue. However, Leah’s attitude is unusual. With good boundaries in place, she is happy to be able to take care of her grandparents – and her siblings. Listen to Leah explain where this attitude comes from – and how her faith in Jesus has had a major impact.


Host: Blaque Nubon

Guest: Leah Maseko

Title: Black Tax

Location: South Africa