In this episode of The Gospel Coalition Africa Podcast, host Blaque Nubon explores the shopping event of the year: Black Friday. We unpack the four main things you need to know about this global phenomenon. What is it? Where does it come from? How does it end up in Africa? But most importantly, how should African Christians respond?

The Black Friday Podcast Breakdown:

  • Summarised breakdown of what Black Friday is (0:32)
  • Different reasons why people participate in this event (0:49)
  • The origins – where the name came from (1:35)
  • The birth of a world-wide shopping event (2:52)
  • Fighting the negative connotations of the name (4:05)
  • A Common Myth – links to the slave trade (4:58)
  • How did Black Friday get to Africa? (5:32)
  • The amount of money made by retailers on this day in Africa (6:00)
  • How should African Christians to respond to Black Friday? (6:58)
  • Exercising wisdom: does shopping tap into your weaknesses? (7:09)
  • Or are you being a good steward of your time and money? (7:45)
  • Remember the ‘Original Black Friday‘ – Christ on the cross (9:27)
  • Our freedom to worship God, not material things (10:12)
  • Going back to the gospel (11:00)
  • An opportunity to bless others (11:36)
  • Loving our neighbour at Christmas (12:18)

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What Key Questions Does This Podcast Address?

1. Where did Black Friday come from?

2. How should African Christians respond? Exercising wisdom and living out your identity as a redeemed follower of Christ

3. What are some inspiring ways Christians can use this event to love their families and communities and grow the kingdom of God?


Top Quotes…

“How are African Christians supposed to respond? Well we start where we always start, with how the gospel is supposed to influence and shape our hearts.”

“In one sense it doesn’t matter which side of the fence you fall on. Whether you participate in Black Friday or you don’t… I think we should use this day like any other day, as a reminder of the grand, beautiful, majestic story that God is telling of how He’s redeeming the world back to Himself.”