The Author

Dudu Mkhize serves as a Children’s Worker at Christ Church Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. Her focus is teaching the Bible to children as part of various church programmes, as well as training and equipping Sunday school teachers from Tembisa township to teach the Bible their pupils. On occasion she has had opportunities to equip and aid children ministry leaders in Mozambique and the DRC-Congo.

During her theological studies Dudu worked at Arise Family Centre in Cape Town which believes that every child belongs in a thriving family, implemented through their Family Center and Adoption Support Programme. In her spare time Dudu enjoys reading, crochet and taking walks.

Teaching Christ to Kids raised to Worship the Ancestors

I grew up in a home where ancestry worship was practiced. Later in life I came to a saving faith in Christ . This

God’s Faithfulness in My Radical Life Change // Dudu Mkhize

“I took a decision of going to Bible College.

Teaching Children the Bible with Limited Resources

This article is aimed at encouraging gospel workers who