Loving God Through Life’s Disappointments

My child is sick, I overslept, the keys are lost, the car is broken, the cake is burnt… its been a tough day at the office. Disappointment wells up and quickly morphs into something worse. Blame. Self-blame! Anger, discouragement, ranting and worry – or sometimes just a bad mood. What can we do with these daily disappointments? As well as more tragic and ground shaking disappointments in our lives?

We often have a map in our minds of how we want our lives to go. When this plan is disturbed (even a little bit) we are devastated and struggle with the events God decides to bring about in our lives. That is when we need to run to God the most and cling to the knowledge of His Sovereignty the hardest. The trick to surviving these challenges is to keep loving God even in the midst life’s disappointments.

In this session Margy Tripp explores what the Bible has to say on this topic.

This talk was delivered online at The Zambia Annual Reformed Family Conference, 2020.