Getting To the Heart of Behaviour // Shepherding Kids from 6 to 12

Once you teach your kids to be people who are under authority (who honour and obey mom and dad), there are many things that cannot be reduced to mere obedience. There come those times when the kids are not being disobedient. They are not being overtly disrespectful. But… as Mom labours alone in the kitchen – potatoes being peeled, table laid, washing-up sorted – and the kids carry on playing their game down the hall, they are exhibiting a crass self-centredness that is (and should be) a concern.

In this session Tedd Tripp lays out a model of the heart (and the importance of the heart) in raising kids from the age of 6-12. He also digs into important training objectives for this middle period of their lives.

“As our children begin to develop a self-consciousness about motivation we want to feed that motivation with truth from God’s word so that they develop a Biblical self-consciousness about things that push and pull behaviour.”

Join us at the Zambia Annual Reformed Family Conference as Tedd Tripp looks at Matthew 15:10-20 to address this topic of getting to the heart of behaviour.

This talk was delivered online at The Zambia Annual Reformed Family Conference, 2020.