Family Devotions and Parenting

“We are all pastors. I may be a pastor of my church, but you are a pastor of your home! Every man should consider that he has a little church in his home. And God considers you as the shepherd of that church – to guide and to lead, to protect and to provide. To teach and everything that a shepherd does to a flock – you are to do to your home.” But how are we to do this? And what tools do we have at our disposal?

Family Devotions – A Unique Opportunity

Naturally, as Christian parents, we find ourselves using normal day-to-day interactions to teach and engage our children with our biblical worldview. A game, a movie, a chat in the kitchen. These are important opportunities to reach your kids.

We are all pastors. I may be a pastor of my church, but you are a pastor of your home!

But family time, specific, set-aside for family devotions, is very unique. It is in these times that I have been able to address some of the most challenging questions from my daughters – some I wished they had not asked! It is an amazing opportunity to lead your children – to disciple them as followers of Christ.

In this seminar Saidi Chishimba unpacks why family devotions are an incredibly important component of christian family life. Indeed, they are in fact a parenting tool directly given to us by God! In Deuteronomy 6:7 God engages Moses and instructs him regarding how the Israelites were to teach God’s statutes. They were commanded to do this diligently – sharing their history (the history of god and his people) with their children over and over again.

Just as they were commanded, we also must make sure to fulfil this command to teach Christ Jesus to our families.

This talk was delivered online at The Zambia Annual Reformed Family Conference, 2020.