In a world that is noisier than ever, with so many opinionated voices and dubious ideas vying for our attention, where do we find truth? Whose voice do we trust?

The Gospel Coalition believes the answer to both questions is Jesus Christ, and we exist to help people navigate the dizzying, deafening noise by hearing more clearly his voice, “the words of eternal life” (John 6:68) that are the only source of ballast and whose death provides the only source of true transformation in our unsteady, sin-sick world.

Through multimedia content, events, books, and international outreach, we seek to communicate both the costly call (Matt. 16:24) and the comforting consolation of Christ (Matt. 11:29-30), whose gospel presents both a countercultural challenge and an audacious invitation to any who would hear it.


Foundation Documents

The Gospel Coalition Foundation Documents outline the beliefs, mission and objectives of The Gospel Coalition.

The Gospel Coalition is a group of pastors and churches in the Reformed tradition that put the gospel of Christ at the center of all activities. The Foundation Documents outline the beliefs, mission and objectives of the organization. More than just a statement of faith, these documents influence and impact the activities of The Gospel Coalition and reflect the passionate goal of furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ, multiplying His disciples and upholding Biblical truth as the standard in the Church. They include The Gospel for All of Life: Preamble, Confessional Statement, and Theological Vision for Ministry.



The Gospel Coalition’s Council is a collection of pastors and qualified elders who provide direction and leadership to TGC. They meet annually for fellowship, discussion, planning, accountability, and prayer around the gospel of our Lord Jesus. Aiming to bring biblical conviction and pastoral sensitivity to bear on a range of pressing contemporary issues, the Council is committed to shepherding the next generation of church leaders in line with TGC’s foundation documents.



The Gospel Coalition staff serve in a variety of areas including operations, editorial, women’s initiatives, events, international outreach, web, and more.