Seven Black Dads & Their Super Powers!

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Seven black dads share their parenting super powers in this short video. Of course, you always have to watch out for that personal Kryptonite too…

7 Black Dads & Their Super Powers

0:00 – Meet The Gang

0:39 – Nhlanhla’s Super Powers & Kryptonite: “I think I do well in multi-tasking!” But, “Social media can sometimes be an issue.”

2:26 – One’s Super Powers & Kryptonite: “Humble brag! I find fathering or parenting quite easy”. But, “I can get very impatient.”

3:38 – Mandla’s Super Powers, and Kryptonite: “I bring the sense of adventure to the family!” But, “I tend to overburden my wife with the responsibility to discipline”.

4:34 – Sihle’s Super Powers, and Kryptonite: “I really want to be with our daughter”. But, “Sometimes I just want to hand her over to her mum”.

6:05 – Baphethuxolo’s Super Powers, and Kryptonite: “Providing for them: food, housing, clothing”. But, “I am a little bit harder on my son emotionally”.

6:55 – Katlego’s Super Powers, and Kryptonite: “I give them time, because that’s the only currency they really understand”. But, “I just need to be more consistent and set the right tone“.

8:25 – Mashudu’s Super Powers, and Kryptonite: “Drinking pretend tea!” But, “School fees are still killing me”.

9:35 – 7 Tips & Encouragements from 7 Black Dads

Top Quotes From Black Dads

“I try to prioritise these little people, give them time, because that’s the only currency they really understand.”

Fatherhood is a privilege and an honour. It is tough, but most things worthwhile are tough.”

“Our kids are a lot more forgiving than we think. All they ask us is to be present, to be loving, to be engaging.”

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