EXPOSIT: Bible Study – Introduction to Luke

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EXPOSIT: Bible Study – Introduction to Luke (Session 1)

Join Shaun Storer in this introductory session to the Gospel of Luke. Shaun walks us through the background to the gospel: who wrote it, when it was written and to whom. Although he does not actually refer to himself in the text it is almost certain that the author was Luke – the same person who wrote the book of Acts. Luke was a trusted co-worker of the Apostle Paul.

Both this gospel and the book of Acts are addressed to Theophilus. We know little about this man, but it has been suggested that he was a fairly wealthy man who also sponsored the writing of these books.

Click on the video above for a more in depth introduction to the Gospel of Luke.

This is an Exposit series on the gospel of Luke click here for our other Exposit series on Titus and Ephesians.

What is EXPOSIT?

Exposit is a resource by TGC Africa which unpacks the Bible book by book. It is a resource to aid men and women in expository Bible teaching and preaching. Each book of the Bible was written in a particular context, to a particular audience. It was written for a particular reason and in a particular way. Therefore, each passage needs to be unpacked and understood in this light. We can then arrive at a point of applying it to our own lives. Exposit gives helpful insights and gives you analytical tools that will allow for right handling of the Word of Truth. In this way the Bible can truly speak for itself.