Are Christians Who Commit Suicide Eternally Damned?

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Are Christians who commit suicide eternally damned? Well, it depends on what you mean by Christians. And more specifically, how does one become a Christian?

What Makes Someone a Christian?

Here’s what the Christian gospel teaches: You don’t become a Christian by the things that you do, your actions. You become a Christian by your genuine response in repentance and faith to God’s gracious provision in the person and work of Jesus Christ. This means, that our actions – though essential for confirming and proving our salvation – they do not contribute to it in any way.

Good works did not save them. Therefore, bad works cannot un-save them

Now, those confirming actions are never perfect. By that I mean there is no genuine Christian that doesn’t sin. This is not in any way an encouragement to sin! It’s just a stated fact. Thus, a genuine Christian whose final act on this earth is sinful, cannot be condemned. Why? Because good works did not save them. And therefore, bad works cannot un-save them.

How Christians Should Think About Suicide

This is how we must think about suicide. Suicide is sinful. Suicide is the taking of a life that wasn’t provided by you. Therefore, someone who is un-saved and commits suicide is eternally and tragically lost. However, that is another thing from saying that a genuine Christian, whose final act was taking their own life, is eternally lost. That is an entirely different thing.

People who come to the place where they want to commit suicide need our help not our condemnation.

Christians, or people who come to the place where they want to commit suicide or have committed suicide, are people who need our help not our condemnation. Therefore, as Christians we should be at the forefront of providing love, compassion, and empathy. Providing understanding, support and care to these people – to try to understand them. We need to also make sure that they seek professional help with any form of mental illness that they may have.