Christmas is amazing, but it can be challenging too. As African Christians, there are a few questions we’re pretty much guaranteed to get at this time of year, and not all of them are easy to answer. Even harder is dealing with some of the concerns you have in your own heart. In this survival guide for African Christians at Christmas, Blaque Nubon gives us crisp, informed responses to both these things. Now you can keep Christ at the centre, and enjoy the season more.

The African Christian Christmas Survival Guide:

Jump to a topic at these time-stamps:

  • Why Do African Christians Celebrate Christmas? What’s It Got To Do With Africa? (0:29)
  • Do We Actually Know When Jesus Was Born? (0:57)
  • Isn’t Christmas Just a European, Mid-Winter Pagan Festival In Disguise? (1:23)
  • Some Quick (and Informed) Historical Facts To Help You Out (1:46)
  • Saint Augustine Points To the 25th Of December as Christ’s Birth Date (2:37)
  • So, What’s The Link To Northern Winter Festivals? (Yule, Saturnalia) (3:30)
  • Jesus is Light, Life & Hope (4:55)
  • Some Symbols Are Adopted From Europe (5:24)
  • What About Santa Claus? (5:56)
  • How African Christians Celebrate Christmas: Fun Facts by country (6:37)
  • Challenges We All Face At Christmas (8:30)
  • Going Back To The Old You (8:42)
  • It’s hard to Share Christ with Non-Christian Family and Friends (9:01)
  • Should I Give and Receive Gifts? (9:30)
  • Yes, It’s Okay To Have Fun! African style! (9:48)
  • How To Guard Your Heart: Practical Tips to avoid falling into old behaviours (10:38)
  • A Celebration of True Hope (11:40)
  • Finding Joy For All Eternity (12:12)

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What Key Questions Does This Podcast Address?

1. Why do Africans celebrate Christmas – isn’t it just a northern hemisphere, pagan mid-winter festival in disguise?

2. What is Christmas really all about – and why is that relevant to African Christians

3. How do I really enjoy Christmas – thinking through some personal challenges I might be worried about


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