In this concluding sermon on the Temptations of Jesus we see Satan making Jesus an offer that he hopes Jesus won’t be able to refuse. The Messiah King is so far undefeated by the Devil’s first two temptations. But, as we have observed, Satan is persistent. Jesus is forced to choose who he will worship – the Satan or God?

Temptation on the Mountain

This time he takes Jesus to the top of a high mountain. An elevated spot with a majestic view. Sometimes Satan appeals to our base instincts, on other occasions he appeals to our higher, aesthetic instincts in an attempt to wow us into sin. In Jewish history mountains were often places of religious significance – like Eden, Mount Sinai, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem – places where God came down to meet with man in biblical accounts. A place of beauty, veneration and worship.

Worship Satan and Gain the World

Satan shows Jesus a vision of the nations in all their glory and splendour. He offers Jesus all the kingdoms of the world if Jesus will agree to worship him. The devil offers the world in an attempt to secure Jesus’ worship! Has Satan put anything in front of your eyes recently which tempts you to compromise your values and convictions in order to obtain it? He will gladly give you the world so that you will give him your soul!

Jesus Chooses God’s Way

In Psalm 2:8 we see that the kingdoms of the world are Jesus’ desired possession which God has already offered him. The nations will be his, but only through his sacrificial death on the cross. Satan is offering him the kingdoms without the pain of the cross. The devil neglects to show how steeped in darkness the nations are – sinfulness which can only be overcome at Calvary.

Listen to John Musyimi as he explains how Jesus responds to yet another cunning temptation put before him in an attempt to distract him from his mission on earth.

Preacher: John Musyimi

Text: Matthew 4:8-11

Date Preached: 17 February 2019

Location: Emmanuel Baptist Church, Nairobi, Kenya