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Christian prayer is primarily an expression of the relationship with our heavenly Father which we enjoy. We speak to God as our loving, heavenly Father. But is there a right way to pray? Christian prayer is not for show, it does not need many words. It is not a mantra or a repetitive duty, as can be seen in many world religions. Listen to Vuyani Sindo as he unpacks the rich guidelines for us contained in the Lord’s Prayer.

The biblical context in which we find the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew’s gospel is the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus is explaining the characteristics of the kingdom of God to his listeners and points out how true spirituality and the kingdom of God are radically different to what men and women typically believe.

The heart of the Lord’s prayer is a zeal for the establishment of God’s Kingdom in our lives!


Text: Matthew 6:5-15

Date Preached: 6 October 2019

Location: Holy Trinity Church, Gardens, Cape Town