Pastoring a strained marriage needs much patience and wisdom from God. As a pastor are you ready & willing to walk the rocky road with a struggling couple?

Pastoring Strained Marriages

Marriage is not primarily about us, that becomes idolatry. It’s about God.

Even when you know that you have to do a lot of peeling of the onion to try and get to the bottom of things, it’s important to recognize that at this stage, there is a crisis. And like a good doctor who is able a differentiate between symptoms and a diagnosis, you don’t overlook the symptoms. At least say something, give counsel for the immediate situation.

Topics & Timestamps

00:00 – Pastroring strained marriages
03:44 – Reasons for an unhappy marriage
15:43 – For better or worse
22:16 – Sinfulness in marriage
28:07 – How to pastor strained marriages
31:21 – God in the home
35:14 – Submission & headship
42:22 – The problem-solving mechanism
47:10 – Hope for healing in marriages

Top Quotes: Pastoring Strained Marriages

“In the original definition of marriage there actually is no exit door, not even death because marriage was given to us prior to the fall.”

“Marriage is not primarily about us, that becomes idolatry. It’s about God.”

“Ultimately it is where there is a stubborn sinfulness that a difficult situation in marriage becomes hopeless”

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Text: Matthew 19:3 – 10

Date preached: 7 January 2020

Location: Grace Ministers Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa