Who is this Jesus? Why is he unique, and not like any other spiritual leader?

The Lion and the Lamb of God, Christ, is the only one who can avert the crisis which creation finds itself in. He alone is worthy. The scroll we read about in Revelation 5 reveals God’s good and glorious plan for all of human history – how he will bring the kingdom of heaven to earth. There are two implications of his kingdom coming – eternal joy and eternal judgement. God is all powerful, righteous and just. So all evil will be dealt with, and there will be joy for all who have trusted in his Son, Jesus Christ. Listen to Christian Lwanda as he explains John’s vision in Revelation 5.

Preacher: Okoth Lwanda

Title: The Crisis and the Christ

Text: Revelation 5:1-14

Date Preached: 12 May 2019

Location: Emmanuel Baptist Church, Nairobi, Kenya