Jesus calls his followers to be salt and light in the world. But what exactly does this mean? And how will our lives impact those around us when we are doing this well?

What Is Being Salt & Light?

Jesus says that you’re salt, you’re light, you’re a city on a hill.

“In Matthew 5:13-16 there’s three very simple illustrations that Jesus uses. They are very simple things but they will have a massive impact if you and I listen to them and to live them out. He says that you’re salt, you’re light, you’re a city on a hill.”

In this sermon Farai Mbirimi explains what Jesus means by these statements, why he says them, and what the impact will be if you follow his teaching.

Topics & Timestamps

00:37 – What Jesus Wants From His Followers
02:18 – Simple Things with A Massive Impact
04:47 – You Are Salt
08:30 – What You Need To Know About Salt
13:04 – A Christian’s Purpose in The World
15:05 – Who Are You Influencing?
19:40 – You Are Light
21:23 – The Meaning of Darkness In The Bible
23:56 – Disciples Are The Light of The World
27:27 – This Is Our Job As Disciples of Jesus
30:20 – A Warning: You Could Lose Your Saltiness
33:37 – An Encouragement: Your Impact Will Be Great!

Top Quotes: Being Salt & Light

“Jesus says that you’re salt, you’re light, you’re a city on a hill”.

“You have been called to have influence – to bring people to a knowledge of who God is”.

“Even the world knows how you and I ought to live as Christians. When we compromise our witness, we become useless”.

“Whatever God has placed in our hands to do, as we do that diligently, people ought to see that and say there is a God at work”.

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Text: Matthew 5:13-16

Date Preached: 7 March 2021

Location: C4 Cross Centered Community Church, Bryanston, South Africa