Africa is home to over 1.2 billion people. Africa comprises 57 countries housing 17% of the world’s population. A population which grows at double the world’s average. There are 3000 different people groups and over 2000 different languages in Africa.

Believers in Africa

One-third of the world’s Muslim population lives in Africa. Many areas in North Africa, West Africa and the horn of Africa are hostile to the Christian faith. Though Christianity is the largest religion in sub-Saharan Africa. There is a growing influence of false gospels, syncretism and western secularism is huge. Although, Africa is highly churched but significantly lacking in good theology. Byang Kato believed that Africa suffers from “theological anaemia”.

Africa is highly churched but significantly lacking in good theology. Byang Kato believed that Africa suffers from “theological anaemia”.

The Gospel Coalition in Africa

A coalition of Reformed Evangelical pastors and Christian leaders started meeting and communicating over the past 12 months. We were quickly drawn to TGC USA as a wonderful vehicle which would benefit the growth of Reformed Evangelicalism in Africa. We loved the concept of a Coalition of like-minded pastors and leaders, collaborating and not competing with each other. Our council of 12 pastors come from 9 African countries including Zimbabwe, Zambia, Moçambique, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, DRC-Congo and South Africa.

Our initial aim was to be called TGC Africa South, hence the fact that our council consists of only sub-Saharan pastors. In the past 3 months, for practical and technical reasons we realised that we need to use the more comprehensive name of TGC Africa. Thus we are well aware that we are not yet representative of Africa’s diversity and are committed to expand the council to include pastors from other parts of Africa. We are also both aware and willing that TGC Africa may in due course sub-divide into either language or regional entities.

TGC AFRICA is wholeheartedly committed to the TGC Confessional Statement and Founding Documents. We are delighted to be associated with The Gospel Coalition and all the other TGC entities worldwide.

TGC Africa are wholeheartedly committed to the TGC Confessional Statement and Founding Documents. We are delighted to be associated with TGC USA and all the other TGC entities worldwide.

TGC Africa Website

Due to the size of Africa and the omnipresence of smartphones in Africa, our initial aim is to grow and develop a website. We have decided to use English as the predominant language on the website, though there will be articles, sermons and podcasts in Swahili and other African languages from time-to-time. Due to the strong verbal culture of Africa, all articles will be accompanied by audio podcasts. TGC Français (Évangile 21) has a very strong following in French-speaking Africa, so we do not at this point envisage using French as a language of communication.

TGC Africa Objectives

From the start of our discussions and planning our Council has had three primary objectives in mind:

Firstly, we need African Christians to be committed to the Gospel of God. This Gospel of Jesus Christ is found in biblical truth and transformed lives, mandated by our historic faith. We are committed to work with all believers in Africa, who share our hope and joy based on the promises received by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. We desire to work with all who embrace this same Gospel and seek the lordship of Christ over all of life. Together we believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to transform individuals, communities and cultures.

Secondly, African pastors, authors, theologians, historians need a platform to “publish” their material for usage in Africa. We need the biblical Gospel taught by authors wearing African shoes. We need to publicly oppose the false gospels, syncretism and secular ideologies from the rest of the world. African Christians have a clear voice but lack an international platform to let their voices be heard. TGC Africa hopes to provide a platform through the website to grow African leaders for Africa and the rest of the world. Our dream is that Africa will once again give birth to an Augustine, an Athanasius, an Origen, a Kato and an Adeyemo to provide leadership for all of Christendom.

Thirdly, we need African Christians to write about African issues from a distinctly biblical point of view. There are many African issues, which are not sufficiently addressed in western media. Issues such as: HIV and AIDS, African Traditional Religion, persecution from Muslims and the huge growth of Islam in Africa, corruption, tribalism and colonialism in Africa, poverty, war, polygamy, male and female circumcision and more. Africans need to hear the voice of African pastors addressing these uniquely African issues from a biblical point of view.

TGC Africa Technical

TGC Africa is hugely thankful to TGC USA for their commitment to launch TGC Africa. We are thankful for the personal support of Don Carson, Tim Keller and the USA Council. TGC Africa is not a subsidiary of TGC USA but has its own governing Council. TGC USA is not supporting TGC Africa financially but have generously agreed to host TGC Africa on their website. TGC Africa Council have agreed that due to technical and IT sophistication in South Africa, that TGC Africa will initially be facilitated and operated from South Africa.

TGC Africa Council Members:

Lameck Byonge – Tanzania – Pastor, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, Eastern and Coastal Diocese; Biblical Theology teacher at the Kisarawe Lutheran Junior Seminary

Antony Dandato – Zimbabwe – Pastor, United Baptist Church, Dzivarasekwa Extension, National Director of FOCUS (Fellowship of Christian Unions), IFES Zimbabwe, Harare; Co-ordinator of the Gospel Confederation of Zimbabwe (TGCZ)

Nicolas Kyalangalilwa – DRC-Congo – Pastor, Le Phare Church, Bukavu; Director of the Congo Leadership Institute; member of the City to City Africa advisory board

Innocent Manirafasha – Rwanda – Pastor, Gospel Community Church, Kigali

Ndaba Mazabane – South Africa – Past Chair of the International World Evangelical Alliance; Associate Pastor, Rosebank Union Church, Johannesburg

Conrad Mbewe – Zambia – Pastor, Kabwata Baptist Church, Lusaka; Chancellor of African Christian University, Lusaka

Kenneth Mbugua – Kenya – Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Nairobi; Director of Ekklesia Afrika

Martin Morrison – South Africa – Gauteng Bishop of the Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of South Africa (REACH SA); Rector, Christ Church Midrand, Johannesburg; TGC Africa Chairman

Abel Sauti-Phiri – Malawi – Missions Director, African Enterprise Malawi; Pastor at Deeper Life Bible Church, Lilongwe

Panganayi Sithole – Zimbabwe – is a student pastor at Christ Church Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa while he completes his PhD. He previously pastored at United Baptist Church, Chiredzi and was a lecturer at Rusitu Bible College, Harare.

Inocencio Varine – Moçambique – Pastor, Fountain of Life Church, Maputo; provides oversight of the Explore theological correspondence course throughout Moçambique.

Edwin Zulu – Zambia – Pastor, Reformed Church in Zambia, Lusaka; Synod Moderator; Head of Post Graduate and Research at Justo Mwale Theological University, Lusaka